Trees are the most natural and one of the most effective ways to battle the climate crisis. The only problem is that we cut down more trees every year, than we grow. We are cutting down billions of trees every year. One of the most powerful greenhouse gas removers the Amazon rain forest, is losing trees every year.

Trees also store a lot of CO2 throughout their lives in their trunks. When the trees burn down, the CO2 is released into the atmosphere. There are billions of tons of CO2 being released into the atmosphere every year, due to the trees that are burning.

This is where everyone can play their part. We call all plant trees. WE SHOULD MAKE IT OUR GOAL TO ALL PLANT ONE TREE EVERY MONTH. Anbay is working on repopulating our tree population in New Mexico, Bangladesh, and other parts of our planet. Our technology also allows us to verify the amount of carbon stored by the trees we plant.

MANGROVE TREES remove more CO2 from our atmosphere. We are currently working on ways to repopulate the mangroves in Bangladesh, which has the most extensive network of mangroves in the world. Recent storms have devastated Bangladesh, and it is of utmost importance to grow as many mangrove trees as possible.